MLPP’s VISION is embodied in its motto: “Happy toddlers geared for tomorrow…”

  • To appoint quality, suitably qualified staff that love education.
  • To make excellent facilities available.
  • To make training and self-enrichment an integral part of the year programme.
  • An exciting curriculum that provides ample opportunity to explore and experiment.

The OBJECTIVE with the toddlers and behind the ESTABLISHMENT of MLPP is to guide the child to become the person that he/she should be. The DIDACTIC OBJECTIVE of the school is to – through inviting education – call the child to obtain knowledge, comprehension and skill that will over time lead to a pleasurable existence. Excellence is the SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE of this school. In order to plant the seed of excellence in young children, they need ample opportunity for enthusiastic physical play, a wide variety of interesting items, challenging projects, creative thought and unlimited flights of fancy, all of which are provided by MLPP. In addition, every child is expected to participate in all activities without fear and hesitation.