Sometime during 2003, Lenie Botha learnt about the proposed development of Midrand Estates (incorporating Midstream Estate) in Centurion. At an open day meeting, she enquired about the proposed Pre-Primary school in Midstream Estate, in particular who was going to manage it, from Bondev Development, who indicated that no applications had been received and, as such, nobody had been appointed to manage the Pre-Primary school. Upon hearing this, Lenie contacted Mariaan Bester, a colleague and friend with considerable experience in management within a Pre-Primary school setting and together they submitted a business plan to Bondev Development.

They contacted an expert in Pre-Primary school Education, Sophie Breytenbach to develop an educational curriculum for MLPP.

Around the middle of 2004, Bondev Development awarded them the contract for managing MCPP and together these two ladies took up the challenge to get the school functional by January 2005. In January 2005, MCPP opened its doors to 96 learners, accommodated in five of the potential 12 classes and with Mrs. Botha and Mrs. Bester as Acting Principals and Directors. By the end of 2005, 187 learners filled eight classes and in January 2006, 266 learners filled the School’s 12 classes to capacity. Soon the school had a waiting list of around 300 learners, which motivated Bondev Development to build a second Pre-Primary School in Midlands Estate, the management of which was again awarded to Mrs. Botha and Mrs. Bester.

About two years later, it was time to hand over the day-to-day operational management of the MCPP to a Principal so that the two ladies could focus on Midlands Pre-Primary School. Soon the Midlands Pre-Primary burst out of its seams and a temporary solution was to open 4 additional classes while the Bondev Development Board built a third school in Midstream Ridge.

Due to the outstanding way in which Mrs. Botha and Mrs. Bester Midstream managed and Midlands Pre-Primary as well as to ensure that their motto “Happy Toddlers Geared For Tomorrow” was not just an expression, the third school namely Midstream Ridge Pre-Primary school opened its doors April 2014 with 86 learners in 6 classrooms under their management.

We are proud and grateful to be the Directors of the three Pre-Primary schools today, where placements are still in high demand.